The two great mythologies are not serving us very well, not creating either homeland security or really positive hope and change.  Read why here:

“Why Do We Need New Mythologies?” 

Before we search for new mythologies, we should ask a preliminary question: “Can We Live Without Any Mythology?” (Short answer: Very unlikely.)

Then we should look at some of the challenges we face in “Searching for Mythologies of Hope, Change, and Security“.

That essay raises the questions: What kinds of new mythologies would actually work? What would be most effective in reshaping American life, especially political life?  What new stories would win widespread support? My answers to those questions are a work constantly in progress.  For starters, here are my reflections on mythologies inspired by two of America’s greatest heroes:

“Martin Luther King, Jr.: The Mythology of the Single Garment of Destiny”

Walt Whitman: The Mythology of Perfect and Free Individuals

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  1. A Good and Noble Work, this. It is a great pleasure to find it and know it exists.

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